Together with Eventopia we set the decor for the summer terrace of Cafe Opera. I set the colour scheme, the decor details, designed the wallpaper and even climbed all around it to set it all up. #worker 
Together with the fantastic concept designer Robert Bohman, I assisted on several decor assignments. Most prominent being the Christmas decor but also including the interior decor for the terrace and the restaurant of Mister French
The favourite being setting up the decor for Fredrik Robertssons ( CEO of Pretto PR ) birthday brunch for 50, cause he is the fab AF. At Mister French for Robert Bohman.
As a previous founding member of VR Sverige (now - I today try to keep up with freelance writing about VR and society. Written one about VR and empathy. Working on one about VR and porn , insist though that you read Marika Smiths already published one as well <3 ( pic 2 by Axel Öberg)
As you might have already noted in the previous side project (yes, the article on VR porn will come out), I have an interest in sexual education and being real about some of my interests. 
I did have talk in the magazine Amelia - about how one can get into BDSM and what that can mean for one. The actuality of how communication and empathy is deeply ingrained in such devious plays. 
I also had an amazing time about how one can get into BDSM and what that can mean for one, with Saga Alm Mårtensson - a sexologist & CBT therapist I admire. It was for her online show - "I säng med Saga" for Aftonbladet TV.
i probably forgot something more.
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