"in a society that profits from your self doubt liking yourself is a rebellious act"

Down the winding road I've done many things, one could say I'm multi-creative.
I just say that I'm curious and I learn by doing. I first studied to become a Digital Data Strategist in the midst of Big Data washing upon the world. Now I'm back at Hyper Island to once again be in the midst of another wave that was preluded by the former, I'm at the moment studying to become AI Business Consultant but I always learn and do more than my education shows.
Interest: Tech, futurism, philosophy, events, people, sexual education & in learning more.
Believe in: Direct communication & understanding one another to create the most effective team. Also creativity is all about interdisciplinary problem solving and connecting the dots. 
Worked with: Coca Cola, Halebop, Augify, ATP Atelier, Isadeco, Promag, Robert Bohman, VR Sverige, Gavagai, IKEA, Polestar, and more.
in peace, love and understanding / aki
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