"in a society that profits from your self doubt liking yourself is a rebellious act"

i'm still finding my way and down the road i've done many things. you could say i'm multicreative.
i just say that i'm curious and i learn by doing. so even if being a Digital Data Strategist from Hyper Island, i always learn and do more than my education shows.
Interest: tech, futurism, philosophy, events, people, sexual education & in learning more.
Believe in: straight forward communication & understanding each other to create the most effective team. also creativity is all about problem solving and connecting the dots. 
Worked with: Coca Cola, Halebop, Augify, ATP Atelier, Isadeco, Promag, Robert Bohman, VR Sverige Gavagai, Ikea and more.
in peace, love and understanding / aki
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